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“She is everything that I would want in a web goddess!”

Jesse and I have been working together for 4 1/2 years, since I launched my business, and we’re still working together so that is a good sign.

I absolutely love working with Jesse. I adore her. She is really, for me, everything that I would want in a web goddess. She’s very responsible, she’s very intuitive, she listens to me and my needs and what I want.

She’s patient and she’s also creative and comes with ideas. We brainstorm together, she helps me with marketing, she is a killer at getting things done! We have these get it done 3 hour sessions and she just is incredible, we get so much done and I feel so accomplished and happy after our sessions.

I really adore her. She’s a beautiful person too. She really shows up fully in all of her glory, the spiritual Jesse, the professional Jesse, the get-it-done Jesse. And I adore her, I love her, so I couldn’t recommend her more from my heart to yours.

~ Rebeca Castella
Meditation & Mindful Living Mentor

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“She’s helped me get the most out of having a web presence at every step of the way!”

I have been working with Jesse Webb for several years, she’s been my web designer right from the start of this business. I’m so grateful because in the beginning I needed to jump in, but I didn’t want to do a big thing, and so Jesse was there really working with my budget and helping me make a huge impressive splash on the web that I could not have done on my own, that’s for sure.

I tried rinky-dinky making my previous business website and it just took forever and ever and ever, and just handing it all over to Jesse has been so amazing, and she’s just helped me update it as time went on. It’s been really amazing because I get to tweak, have exactly what I need at different stages of my business. Recently, I had this major malware attack, and she totally helped me through all of that, and all the little intricate pieces that were going on about that issue.

So she’s just helped me every step of the way – I’ve redone my banner at different times, I’ve changed my tagline, I’ve expanded and brought in other pieces, and she’s really helped me get the most out of having a web presence at every step of the way and I’m just so grateful, Jesse, for your talents, your gentleness, your softness, and you know what to do and you know how to handle it super swiftly and efficiently. I appreciate all of your creative input and making it really beautifully and totally what I need. So thank you so much, Jesse!

~ Michelle White Hart
Video Confidence Mentor

“She could see my vision and was able to birth it into reality!”

Beth SteinmannI’ve had several websites designed by different people and I was always disapointed with the end result, but couldn’t put my finger on why.

After working with Jesse, my finished site couldn’t be better. The graphics in particular are 100% aligned with my vision. I didn’t even know it was possible to be in such harmonious co-creation with somebody else! It was a very healing experience.

Jesse is extremely light-hearted and fun to work with. She makes the whole process fun and easy. She’s also incredibly intuitive and it was as if she could “see” my vision completely clearly and was able to birth it into reality. The site just went up but every person who has seen it has positive things to say. I think the visuals really draw people in and call them to ask questions and want more!

I would particularly recommend Jesse to visionaries who have important work to do in the world and have a real vision of what that looks like. Jesse is the woman to bring it to life online!

~ Beth Steinmann
Satya Lightworks & Earth Advocate Apprenticeship

Beth Steinmann

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“She was the perfect person to bring my new site to life!”

Felicia D'HaitiBefore working with Jesse, I was struggling with quite a number of things. My original website was very basic and self-created. I had outgrown what I built and needed an expert in design and in website programming to make it awesome. It would’ve taken me a million years to do what Jesse did in the blink of an eye.

My favorite part about working with Jesse is seeing my ideas come to life in a version better than I could’ve ever imagined! She has a talent for putting images and words together to help make the site have a wonderful and inviting energy without being overwhelming and too busy.

I absolutely love all of the work that Jesse did for me from creating my banners to the design of my new, hot website! Jesse was able to work with me to unite all of my social media sites with my website in look and feel. I am just thrilled with the results!

Since my new site and banners have been created by Jesse, I have had a steady increase in the number of newsletter subscriptions and social media engagements. I feel like all of my sites finally “fit” together and establish a brand identity for me.

I would DEFINITELY refer Jesse to friends and colleagues. She is able to translate written descriptions into wonderful visual images and has a wonderful working knowledge of programs necessary to create beautiful graphic images and websites. She is creative, thorough, patient, and a top-notch professional!

I am so glad that I met and worked with Jesse. She was the perfect person to bring my new site to life!

~ Felicia D’Haiti
Energy Empowerment & Feng Shui Coach

Felicia D'Haiti Project

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