Web-Marketing Services

When you work with me you get MORE than just a designer or developer or web assistant. You get ALL of those PLUS help with marketing strategy, reviewing copy, brainstorming, intuitive guidance and so much more. I give my clients bonus intuitive readings, group Q&A calls, trainings and all kinds of other goodies to support you during our time together in addition to regular get-it-done sessions where we dive in and work on things together.

This is far more than just a website package, it’s more like having your own web goddess on your team to not just build the pieces but fully support you in the process of building, launching and maintaining the flow as you get up and going. 🙂

I take a long term approach with my clients, which is why I structure my programs around 6 months. I’m in it for the long haul with you and we can get some serious momentum going in 6 months together!

I’m not going to just build an opt-in page and dump it in your lap for you to run with, I’m also going to be there helping you get that offer in front of the right people so you are actually building your list and getting clients!

I’m not going to just build your website and then leave you to figure out what to DO with it on a daily, weekly and monthly basis to make it work for you, I’m also going to help you create the best marketing plan for you so you put your new website to work for you in a way that keeps attracting a steady flow of new subscribers and clients.

For me, it’s about the long term view and getting you set up with something that is sustainable and will keep working for you. And we put it to work for you as quickly as possible so that even as we’re working together you are getting results and don’t have to wait until it’s all done to start using it!

It’s about far more than just building a website or an opt-in page. It’s also about putting them to work for you and getting the specific results you want, and doing it in a way that you can keep doing over and over. And of course, making it all as easy and fun as possible! 😉

If this sounds like the kind of support you need, fill out the application below for a complimentary Marketing Magic Review so we can get to know one another and talk about what you’re up to, and I can help you get clear on your next steps and how to make your marketing more magical. If it’s a fit and we both feel excited about working together then I’ll let you know how we can do that.

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