Video 2: Your Website is Your Online Temple

Your Website is Your Online Temple

I’m back with video 2 of the Galactivate Your Website series. In this video, we’re exploring how your website can be your online temple, a space that nurtures healing and truth and love, where your soul-tribe can experience transformation, connection and healing.

It can be a space where you shine bright and offer your gifts, your talents, your wisdom, to those who resonate with what you have to share and who welcome a safe space to explore deeper with you as their guide, in whatever way that looks like.

It can be a space to connect and share and remember more of who you really are. It can be a space that feels nourishing, nurturing and supportive to your soul-tribe. A space where they can discover the magic of themselves.

This Galactivate Your Website series is all about making your website a clear transmission of you to your people, and this exercise of looking at your website as an online temple can activate a deep purpose for your website and take you to a whole new level with your online marketing.

Let’s dive in with the second video, and talk about how your website can be your online temple…

This simple shift of looking at your website as a temple, instead of as a marketplace or brochure, can get you right back into alignment with the bigger reason why you’re doing this and what you really desire to share with your soul-tribe. Let it bring you home to your heart as you dream about what the sacred space of your online temple would be like.

Let your imagination go wild with this, imagine the most luxurious, rich space or the most simple and natural, add as much detail as you want. And make sure you especially focus on the feeling – how does that online temple feel? What transformation does it help your soul-tribe to experience? And how do you want them to feel as they experience that transformation?

Make some notes about what you want your online temple to be like and keep this handy to refer back to as you build your website, so you can intentionally create it to be that temple.

If you would like to explore getting my help with your online temple, click here to book a complimentary Marketing Magic Review with me. I’ll help you get clear on your next step to create your sacred online space, whether that’s working with me or something completely different.

Your Turn

So what do you want your online temple to be like? I’d love to hear what came up for you doing this exercise. Drop me a note in the comments below! 🙂

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