Your Passion is the Key to Connecting with Your Tribe

Your Passion is the Key to Connecting with Your Tribe

One of the things I’ve talked a LOT about over the years in regards to online marketing and building an irresistible website, is the idea of your ideal client – identifying WHO your website is for and what they need from you. This is a key piece in the process, and it’s good to be clear on who your website is for so you can build it with them in mind and speak directly to them.

That said, however, this is not necessarily a linear process! You could create your ideal client profile, and write out lists and descriptions of what they are looking for and how you can help them… and then it could fall completely flat and leave you STILL not connecting with the people you are actually meant to serve!

Because it’s not so much about knowing logically who you want to work with, it’s about being in energetic alignment with you and your truth, so that the RIGHT people can find you. Your soul tribe, those people you have made a soul contract with to serve and assist one another in this lifetime. Those soul family who will feel drawn to YOU and who need what YOU uniquely have to offer.

So I decided to approach this piece from a different angle and find out what my soul, my Higher Self, had to say about who I’m here to work with and how to connect with them. I did this through a Soul Art Journey that was all about connecting with my tribe, and I want to share its message with you because I feel it is important for more than just me and my own journey. This Soul Art piece has something to share with you too, and this just may be a key that shifts things for you in a big way like it has for me.

(And by the way, if you’d like me to do a Soul Art painting for you to help you connect with your tribe in a deeper way, see below for an opportunity to get your own personal Soul Tribe Connections channeled painting.)

This painting was an assignment for the Body Mapping level in the Soul Art Certification program I am doing with Laura Hollick. The class was all about my people, identifying who I want to work with, what kind of Soul Art Journeys I want to guide and really tapping in to my people, my tribe.

Every Soul Art Journey starts with an Intention, and the Intention I created for this piece is:

I easily and joyfully connect with my tribe to co-create magic!

This painting has so much to share about how to connect with your tribe, and I’m going to share her message here just as I channeled it while tuning in to the painting…

I easily and joyfully connect with my tribe to co-create magic!

Your passion is the key to connecting with your tribe!

You are a fertile garden! There is much beauty and abundance within you that is ready to blossom, to open and burst forth, to bless not just you but your tribe as well.

You are not in this alone. This work you do is not for you alone. It affects many, and your evolution, your healing, assists others in ways you cannot even imagine.

Your hands [in the painting] represent this service, sharing this healing and activation. It is through your hands that it flows, and that the flow is supported, contained in a sense.

The orange and pink ball represents your passion, your heart, and the love within you spilling out, flowing out, to touch all who are within your circle of influence.

Your tribe connects to you through this passion! It is through expressing that which brings you JOY that they will find you. It is through nurturing your excitement and creativity that you will grow and attract your tribe.

Your passion is the key, the CORE. Cultivate your passion. Prioritize your excitement. Nurture your joy. Honor your creativity. It is at the very center of all that you do and be!

Each person has their own path to you, as represented by the lines of black dots. Each path is different but it leads them into that same core of passion, and it opens a channel for that passion and love to flow back to them. It is a flow that goes both ways. An exchange that nourishes both of you.

my-people-body-map-rainbow-layersThere is a whole spectrum of “things” you offer and people you serve. Look at the colors of the rainbow in your hands and in your tribe. All the colors of the rainbow! You have so much to give and offer, so many layers. And so many unique individuals who need what you have.

It’s okay to focus on one thing, one layer, but don’t forget that there is much more within you to be unearthed and revealed when the time is right! Follow your passion, your excitement, to know when to explore and reveal the different layers and nuances of your work.

It is all within you. It is not something you need to work at or figure out. It’s already here inside you, just waiting to be revealed as you peel back the layers.

Passion is your key! Pay attention to the ease and joy that is your path to connect with your tribe! And the magic flows out of that. The passion is the spark that makes the magic “magical”.

Your tribe is ready and waiting for you. “Finding” them is not the challenge, they are right there. As you express your passion, your excitement, they will easily find you and connect with you. Your passion is the beacon that will make you visible and draw them to you.

It does not matter so much what you offer. There will be many different things that you offer, and this will change and evolve as you follow the flow of your passion, your excitement. Do not get set on one thing, but follow the flow and allow it to change and morph as it will.

This is not a logical process! It is not something you can think your way through. It is something you feel. It is subtle, gentle and a deep knowing within you.

Let go of all expectations and let it flow, let it be what it will be. Trust the process, trust the flow. It will take you precisely where you want to go!

It’s a new way of marketing and building a community

Channeling the message from my Soul Art paintingThis painting and her message opened me up to what is really possible for me and a new way of connecting to my tribe that goes beyond just identifying my ideal client and what she’s looking for. It showed me how it’s not about identifying a specific person or type of person, it’s about getting in alignment with my own truth and passion, and shining that out into the world so that those who resonate, who are a match, and who are READY to receive what I am ready to share can find me!

It’s a different way to do “marketing” than what we’ve been taught, and it involves being deeply connected to your own truth, listening to what your heart wants, and following that thread of passion wherever it takes you.

But doesn’t it feel like a more aligned, integrated way to share your message and call in your tribe?

If you’re like me and you’re tired of trying to do things the same old way, tired of feeling like you have to “force” yourself to follow the strategies and formulas you’ve been taught, then this probably feels like a breath of fresh air and a lighter, easier way to approach it.

And guess what? When you start sharing from this place of deep authenticity and truth, your message, your “marketing”, will feel like a breath of fresh air to your tribe too! You’re not the only one who’s tired of hearing the same old marketing and it will be magnetic and irresistible to your soul tribe.

What if YOU could have a conversation with your Soul about how to connect with your tribe?

This Soul Art Journey was such a powerful process for me, and gave me so much deep insight into how to connect with my tribe, that I want to offer you an opportunity to receive this for yourself. So I created a new offer, the Soul Tribe Connections channeled painting, where I will do a Soul Art Journey for you and channel a message from your Soul about how to connect with your Soul Tribe.

If you feel like nothing you’ve been doing is working, and you STILL aren’t building the community you want or reaching the people you KNOW you are here to serve, then this Soul Tribe Connections channeled painting can help you get clarity and guidance about what you need to do, what shifts need to happen, and how you can finally start connecting with your tribe from a place of passion and authenticity.

Your Soul Tribe Connections channeled painting will be created specifically FOR you, it is a custom painting just for you. I will tune in to you and ask your Higher Self and Guides to share what is most important for you to connect with your Soul Tribe. You will receive the finished painting along with an MP3 of the message the painting has for you, PLUS some tips and guidelines to help you tune in for yourself to continue to receive insights and guidance from this painting in the weeks and months to come!

Ready to hear what your Soul has to say about how to connect with your tribe? Get your Soul Tribe Connections channeled painting here for only $111 (regular $197, special introductory pricing will be available until September 30).

Your Turn

I hope you enjoyed the painting and her message. Would you like to help me find a name for her? Leave me a comment below and let me know what you think her name should be. 😉

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