Are you ready to discover your Marketing Magic
to share your big message and call in your Soul Tribe?

Imagine a website that reflects your unique genius, makes you feel confident about sharing your message, and easily attracts the attention of dream clients…

Your website can be an authentic reflection of you and your energy, so that when your people come to your site they immediately feel at home and connected with you.

Your marketing content can be such a heart-felt message to your people that it moves them to tears and reminds them of what’s really possible for them.

Online marketing connects you to your soul-tribe around the globe!Your web empire can be the hub through which you connect with your soul-family, wherever they are in the world, and co-create what you desire to experience here on planet Earth.

Your website is your multidimensional temple, studio, storefront and more, where you get to connect, serve, play, create and be who you are here to be!

That’s why I created the Marketing Magic Review, so YOU can create this for yourself.

Because you found your way here, there are a few things I know about you…

  • You have a big heart, and you want to make a difference in the world. You see a bigger perspective than most people, you see what’s truly possible for humanity and planet Earth.
  • You know that we are all ONE, and that as each of us play our part of being who we are here to be, together we will create a bright, loving, harmonious, joyful, peaceful future for all beings on planet Earth!
  • You know you are here NOW for a purpose, and you desire to help as many people as possible to also remember that they are here for a purpose. You do this through your work, and through just being you, that unique you that you are here to be at this time.
  • You feel a call to share your message and your gifts with more people. You know you are here to play a bigger game than you’ve been playing, and you feel it is time to step into the next level of your mission. You desire to reach more people who need what you have to offer, and to do it with ease and bliss as you follow your excitement!

And you know that a website and online marketing can be a powerful tool to help you share your message with those who need to hear it, if only you could figure out how to make it work for you

Sound about right? I know this about you, because it’s who I am too, and like attracts like, of course… 😉

The Marketing Magic Review is for you if:

  • You are a spirit-led intuitive, healer, messenger, lightworker, artist or other creative entrepreneur who is READY to share your message and gifts online in a bigger way to serve those who need what you offer.
  • You desire to grow your business and make money online, but want to do it in a way that feels good, is in alignment with your truth, and transforms your tribe before they even hire you.
  • You want your website and online empire to be a temple of healing and transformation for you and your soul-tribe, a safe, nurturing space where you can connect and grow together.
  • You feel overwhelmed with online marketing and website-building, and feel STUCK with no idea where to start or what will actually work for you online.
  • You want to work with someone who not only understands online marketing, but who gets you on a soul level and can help you build an online temple that reflects and supports your true essence.

If this sounds like you, then you are in the right place!

I cracked the online marketing code for myself, and discovered how fun, easy and transformational marketing can be… Turns out, it doesn’t have to be “icky” and “salesy” – it can actually be a powerful tool to change lives and share your big message!

In fact, for those of us who are here to bridge heaven and Earth, to be cosmic ambassadors of love and light, and to help others remember who they are as well, online marketing is a powerful way to ground our big message and anchor that light here on the 3D plane to get it out to wayyy more people than we can reach in person through our physical bodies.

Authentic, light-filled online marketing can change the planet, and the lives of yourself and your soul-tribe!

How cool is that?!

So how do you build this amazing web empire to support your mission and gather your soul-tribe?

That’s where I come in…

If you are ready to share your message and gifts online in a way that inspires and gathers your soul-tribe, then you are in the right place!

Imagine having your very own web-marketing goddess, who gets you and your message, and can help you build your own irresistible web empire?!

Jesse WebbI am a designer, artist and web-marketing goddess who loves online marketing and using powerful web technology to spread love and light to the world. The Internet is an amazing tool to help you reach your soul-tribe, wherever they are in the world, and I know it can work for you because it’s worked for me!

I built my own web design and online marketing business, from scratch, using online marketing. And more recently, I’ve expanded my online empire to share my intuitive art and what I call the Cosmic Family Reunion, where I’m sharing my experience of remembering my own cosmic heritage, and helping my soul-tribe connect to their star families.

Thanks to my extensive background and experience in web design and online marketing, I’ve been able to launch my new website and start building an amazing online community in a very esoteric and woo-woo topic with ease, and have seen the overwhelming response from my soul-tribe thanking me for doing this.

That wouldn’t have happened if I hadn’t known how to build my online presence in a way that is clear, authentic and irresistible to my soul-tribe.

It truly doesn’t matter WHAT you’re talking about, if you have a message to share, there is someone who is ready to hear it, and strategic AND authentic online marketing will help you find them.

But so many lightworkers, healers, channelers, artists and other “woo-woo” entrepreneurs don’t have a clue about what works online, or how to build a website that gathers your tribe and changes lives!

All too often I see websites that are cluttered, confusing and are completely detracting from the amazing message that they are trying to share. The important things get lost amongst the clutter and leave visitors feeling confused, overwhelmed and disappointed when they can’t find what they’re looking for.

I’ve even visited the websites for some well-known channelers and seen this! These are people who have amazing content and gifts to share, but their website is doing them a total dis-service and most likely turning away MANY of those who need to hear their message!

This makes me crazy, and I’m on a mission to help entrepreneurs like you avoid this. I don’t want to see you put all of your time and effort into a website that does nothing for you, or that confuses and even repels your soul-tribe!

You are here to make a difference, and mucking about with a website that doesn’t help you do that is a waste of time and a dis-service to your tribe.

You need a website that is clear, beautiful, authentic and absolutely magnetic to your peeps, so they can receive all the goodness you have to share with them!

It’s time to play a bigger game. It’s time to get VISIBLE so you can be seen and heard by those who need your message.

And that’s just what I’m here to help you with.

As a web-marketing goddess, I’ve helped many beautiful, inspiring entrepreneurs get visible online and start to build their soul-tribe and make money offering their gifts. I often hear them say that I have the ability to take their vision and bring it to life on the web, and that they feel so much more confident, excited and clear about their online presence and how they are marketing their business.

“She could see my vision and was able to birth it into reality!”

Beth SteinmannI’ve had several websites designed by different people and I was always disapointed with the end result, but couldn’t put my finger on why.

After working with Jesse, my finished site couldn’t be better. The graphics in particular are 100% aligned with my vision. I didn’t even know it was possible to be in such harmonious co-creation with somebody else! It was a very healing experience.

Jesse is extremely light-hearted and fun to work with. She makes the whole process fun and easy. She’s also incredibly intuitive and it was as if she could “see” my vision completely clearly and was able to birth it into reality. The site just went up but every person who has seen it has positive things to say. I think the visuals really draw people in and call them to ask questions and want more!

I would particularly recommend Jesse to visionaries who have important work to do in the world and have a real vision of what that looks like. Jesse is the woman to bring it to life online!

~ Beth Steinmann
Satya Lightworks & Earth Advocate Apprenticeship

Website for Beth Steinmann and Satya Lightworks

Marketing can be joyful, loving, and life-changing when done in a way that is authentic to you and in service to your tribe.

Online marketing doesn’t have to be hard, icky, or salesy… and it’s time for us as lightworkers, healers and New Earth co-creators to reframe this idea and use the power of marketing to transform the planet!

I know how to set up a website that gets your peeps to take action and join your community. I know how to do online marketing in a way that is authentic, fun and transformational. And this is exactly what I want for you!

I can guide you to do this for yourself, and I’ll be right here holding your hand every step of the way as we build your website, design your gorgeous brand, and get you visible sharing your message in the online world.

Working with me is a unique experience where together we’ll build your irresistible website and get your online marketing into motion so you can begin to build your soul-tribe. You will have my support every step of the way, and I’ll even DO all of the techy, design-y and complicated stuff FOR you, so you don’t have to try and figure it out for yourself.

This is a collaborative process and we’ll be working together every step of the way so that you are fully involved and fully supported in the creation of your online presence.

I will provide guidance, strategy and checklists, templates and other resources to make the process easy and blissful!

I will help you fine-tune and clarify your message, offers and website content, so that it speaks directly to your ideal client in a way that she can hear.

I will give you ideas, inspiration and be your biggest cheerleader every step of the way.

It’s time for you to stop mucking around with your website and online marketing and get on with your mission! Let me be your Web Goddess Guide and we’ll make this an easy, blissful process for you to get your message out online without wasting any more time and energy…

“She was the perfect person to bring my new site to life!”

Felicia D'HaitiBefore working with Jesse, I was struggling with quite a number of things. My original website was very basic and self-created. I had outgrown what I built and needed an expert in design and in website programming to make it awesome. It would’ve taken me a million years to do what Jesse did in the blink of an eye.

My favorite part about working with Jesse is seeing my ideas come to life in a version better than I could’ve ever imagined! She has a talent for putting images and words together to help make the site have a wonderful and inviting energy without being overwhelming and too busy.

I absolutely love all of the work that Jesse did for me from creating my banners to the design of my new, hot website! Jesse was able to work with me to unite all of my social media sites with my website in look and feel. I am just thrilled with the results!

Since my new site and banners have been created by Jesse, I have had a steady increase in the number of newsletter subscriptions and social media engagements. I feel like all of my sites finally “fit” together and establish a brand identity for me.

I would DEFINITELY refer Jesse to friends and colleagues. She is able to translate written descriptions into wonderful visual images and has a wonderful working knowledge of programs necessary to create beautiful graphic images and websites. She is creative, thorough, patient, and a top-notch professional!

I am so glad that I met and worked with Jesse. She was the perfect person to bring my new site to life!

~ Felicia D’Haiti
Energy Empowerment & Feng Shui Coach

Felicia D'Haiti Project



No more spinning your wheels and feeling overwhelmed about how to share your message online because you know exactly what you need to do…

Feeling sooooo good about how you and your message are represented online that you feel confident and proud to send people to your website…

Seeing your soul-tribe growing every day with awesome new people who are eager for what you have to offer and want to learn more from you…

Come find out just how easy and fun it can be to get visible online!


This Marketing Magic Review is NOT for everyone and is by application only. I am simply not the right fit for every entrepreneur and am selective about who I work with.

This is good news for you, because it means we will only work together if it’s truly a fit, and if I know that I can help you bring your vision to life online. It’s important to me to work with those whose work resonates with me, who I feel excited about sharing with the world, and who I feel aligned with to be able to accurately translate your vision and message into an online brand.

So are you ready to get visible online and build your soul-tribe?

This Marketing Magic Review is for YOU if you are ready to step up to the next level with your online visibility and want to explore what it could look like to get my help with doing that.

During this session we will:

  • Create a vision of what your online marketing could be like and what’s possible for you.
  • Identify the exact next steps you need to take to move toward that vision.
  • Get clear on any blocks holding you back, and help you bust through them once and for all.
  • Explore what it would look like to get my support to build your online temple.

And you’ll come away with specific action steps to take to move you forward!

Whether you decide to work with me or not, I want this session to inspire you and get you in motion so that you can feel the forward momentum and take the steps needed to begin building your dreams.

If it feels like a fit (and ONLY if it’s a fit), I will also let you know how we can work together to make this happen for you!

The world needs you. Your tribe needs you. Are you ready?

Fill out the application below to get started.

I look forward to connecting with you, learning more about your work/business, and helping you move in the direction you desire with your online marketing.


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