Portfolio: Beth Steinmann

Beth Steinmann

“She could see my vision and was able to birth it into reality!”

Beth SteinmannI’ve had several websites designed by different people and I was always disapointed with the end result, but couldn’t put my finger on why.

After working with Jesse, my finished site couldn’t be better. The graphics in particular are 100% aligned with my vision. I didn’t even know it was possible to be in such harmonious co-creation with somebody else! It was a very healing experience.

Jesse is extremely light-hearted and fun to work with. She makes the whole process fun and easy. She’s also incredibly intuitive and it was as if she could “see” my vision completely clearly and was able to birth it into reality. The site just went up but every person who has seen it has positive things to say. I think the visuals really draw people in and call them to ask questions and want more!

I would particularly recommend Jesse to visionaries who have important work to do in the world and have a real vision of what that looks like. Jesse is the woman to bring it to life online!

~ Beth Steinmann
Satya Lightworks & Earth Advocate Apprenticeship