Video 3: Create Nourishing Spaces to Escape to Online

Create Nourishing, Empowering Spaces to Escape to Online

I’m back with video 3 of the Galactivate Your Website series! The idea for this video was sparked during a session with one of my Galactivate Your Website clients as she was channeling our Galactic friends, who were talking about our websites and what we are co-creating together in the online realm. They mentioned this idea of how many people are looking for places to escape to online, and how we can provide good spaces for that, so I’m exploring that idea in this video.

This Galactivate Your Website series is all about making your website a clear transmission of you to your people. This video will help you explore even deeper what kind of space you want to create online for your people, what you feel drawn to share and what kind of experience you want your soul-tribe to have with your online space.

Let’s dive in with the third video, and talk about how your website can be a healthy, nurturing space for people to escape to…

With so much crazy going on in the world today, we really need people like you to show up and create healthy, nourishing online spaces that can help people remember who they are and empower them to consciously create the life they desire. Can you imagine an internet FULL of these kind of online spaces, bringing love and light and joy and hope to the world, and helping to create the future we prefer for planet Earth? It sounds pretty amazing to me, and definitely inspires me to create these kind of online spaces in my own work.

If you would like to explore getting my help with creating your online space, click here to book a complimentary Marketing Magic Review with me. I’ll help you get clear on your next step to create the kind of space you desire online, whether that’s working with me or something completely different.

Your Turn

So what kind of online space do you want to provide for people to “escape” to? I’d love to hear what came up for you during this video. Drop me a note in the comments below! 🙂

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