3 Easy Steps to Create a Flow of Marketing Magic

3 Easy Steps to Create a Flow of Marketing Magic

An important ingredient in Marketing Magic is consistency; creating a steady flow of marketing that keeps you visible so your soul-tribe can easily find you and partake in what you’re offering. This means regularly publishing and sharing content that is helpful to your soul-tribe.

Creating this steady flow of marketing doesn’t have to be hard or complicated. That’s what makes this key so magical – just a few super-simple steps, taken each week, in a way that feels fun and easy to you, will make a HUGE difference in how many people see your message.

Developing this consistent marketing flow is top of the list for my own biz development, and I know I’m not the only one. So I am experimenting with a super-simple and fun weekly marketing flow that I want to share with you and invite you to join me in trying this out. This is what I feel will help me in creating my own weekly marketing habit and perhaps it will be helpful for you too.

This weekly marketing routine is based on what has worked for me in the past and what I feel inspired to create in the now, so it’s a bit of an experiment and I will be tweaking it as I go to create the perfect weekly flow for me and my biz. I invite you to do the same, if that feels exciting to you! Let’s play together to create some Marketing Magic…

Marketing Magic Weekly Flow

Complete these 3 steps each week to create a consistent flow of marketing. Focus on one step at a time and work your way through this list from top to bottom, completing all 3 steps by the end of the week. If you do these 3 things every week, you will quickly create a beautiful flow of marketing that will help you be visible to your soul-tribe and draw them in to your online world.

As you get a steady flow going with these 3 steps, you can start to add on additional things each week to expand your reach and even create content ahead for the weeks and months to come. Next week’s blog post will talk about some of the more advanced steps you can add on when you’re ready, so for now, go ahead and dive in with this super-simple weekly marketing flow…

Step 1. Create & Publish a Piece of Useful Content

Your content can be in any format that works for you. Choose a medium that feels the most easy and fun for you to share. Shoot a video, write a blog post, record a podcast, make a piece of art. Keep it simple, don’t spend hours on creating your content. Especially if you don’t have a lot of time to spend on your marketing each week, see if you can get it done in 20 minutes and focus on just sharing with your soul-tribe without it needing to be perfect.

As an example, you could shoot a 5 minute video from your smartphone, upload it to YouTube & publish it on your WordPress blog with a brief introductory paragraph. All of this really won’t take very long to do, you could probably get it down to 20 minutes once you get in the flow of it!

Keep your content simple, share just ONE tip with an action step to implement it. Keep the action step easy, something they can take action on NOW.

Give a specific call to action at the end of your content. What do you want them to do next? Book a call with you? Click a link? Leave a comment? Share the post? Subscribe to your channel? Pick ONE thing that you most want them to do after experiencing your piece of content, and ask them to do it. Make it super clear that this is the next step, do this to get _______________.

For example, the call to action at the end of this article is to come and join me in the Marketing Magic Playshop if you’d like to experiment with creating your own weekly marketing flow. It’s a natural next step from what I’m talking about here in the article, and you’ll see I clearly state what you should do next if you want more after reading this. Again, keep it simple and direct.

(See how I snuck another mention of the Call to Action in there? Look for ways to remind your readers about what that next step is, don’t just assume they will read it once and get it.)

Step 2. Send Your Piece of Content to Your Email List

Did you find this blog post through an email from me? Many of you did and sending your content out to your email list is the first step to start sharing it. Your email list is your community, this is the people who are interested in what you have to offer, they want to hear from you and learn more. They have raised their hands to let you know that they want to hear from you, so they are the first ones to get your new content.

Again, keep it simple! Start with a super-simple, text-based email telling them there’s a new blog post / video / podcast. Tell them what it’s about and why they should read / watch / listen, then give them the link to click to check it out. Don’t worry about adding images or font colors or anything else, just focus on the message and getting that email sent.

You can make your emails more fancy later on, but when you’re just getting started seriously keep it SUPER simple so it’s easy for you to keep doing it consistently! And even when you do get more “fancy”, remember that less is more.

The “template” I’m playing with for my weekly emails is super simple, with a banner image at the top, text, a link to the blog article, and an image for the blog post inserted within the text. Any time I try to get more fancy than that, I get overwhelmed and find myself resisting sending that email because I don’t want to spend the time on it. Keeping it super simple makes it sooo much easier for me to actually get it DONE!

Images are super easy for me to work with, so it makes sense for me to add them in because I can do so quickly and easily. Customize your email template to what YOU can do quickly and easily! If it’s not super easy for you to add images into your emails, then start out with just text and you can add images later on when you’re ready to figure that piece out.

Your email can also include a reminder of the call to action, either in the body of the email or in a P.S. Whatever that ONE thing was that you want them to do after reading / watching / listening, repeat it again at the end of the email as a reminder to take that action right now before they close the email.

Step 3. Share Your Piece of Content on Social Media

Now it’s time to share your content even wider! You sent it to your immediate community (your email list), now let’s get it out to your various social media channels. Start with sharing the blog post directly, and add your own commentary along with the link. You could share why you’re talking about this, what inspired you to share this, or anything else that introduces the piece of content and invites your soul-tribe to check it out.

Then post it to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or wherever you are sharing it online.

You can then schedule additional posts to be shared over the coming week. Share quotes from the video / blog post / podcast, or share a story that leads in to that topic. Get creative and look for ways to share that piece of content again in a new way. Schedule these posts a few over this week, and then sprinkle a few throughout the coming months to keep sharing that piece of content every now and then. (I’ll share some examples from my own social media posts soon!)

Share your piece of content in Facebook groups and other online groups and forums where your audience is hanging out. Look for the online communities where your soul-tribe are spending time, and hang out there. Be helpful, friendly, be a part of the conversation and share your content when and how it is appropriate within each group.

These are the most important pieces to creating a consistent flow of marketing that helps you get visible in the online world so that your people can find you. Create a weekly routine that works for you to get these 3 steps done each week and just see what happens when you get in your own Marketing Magic flow!

If you enjoyed this article, stay tuned for next week’s when I’ll be sharing some more “advanced” steps you can add to your weekly Marketing Magic flow to take things to the next level…

If you would like to put these steps into ACTION for yourself, perhaps you would like to join us for the Marketing Magic Playshop? We are going to implement this weekly marketing routine together in a fun, playful experiment where you can try it out and see what works for you, tweak and adjust to create your own custom marketing flow that is perfect for you and your biz. Click here to learn more and join us.

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